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This course is designed for professionals who want to explore data incepting from cleaned data set to Statistical Analysis and recommand most optimized solution. This course helps to processes and methods to extract expertise from data in several forms, sometimes structured or unstructured,which is a continuation of a number of a data analysis system. Data science implements tactics and hypotheses drawn from many fields in the broad areas of computer science and information science, signal processing,machine learning and Pattern recognition,predictive analytics,visualization,uncertainty modeling,data compression,computer programming,data warhousing,high performance computing and artificial intelligence

Course Highlights:

  • Learn Regression: Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, SVR, Decision Tree Regression and Random Forest Regression
  • Learn Classification: Logistic Regression, K-NN, SVM, Kernel SVM, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree Classification and Random Forest Classification
  • Learn Clustering: K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering
  • Learn Association Rule Learning: Apriori Algorithm and Eclat
  • Learn Reinforcement Learning: Upper Confidence Bound, Thompson Sampling
  • Learn Natural Language Processing: Bag-of-words model and algorithms for NLP
  • Learn Deep Learning: Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Learn Dimensionality Reduction: PCA, LDA, Kernel PCA
  • Learn Model Selection & Boosting: k-fold Cross Validation, Parameter Tuning, Grid Search, XGBoost
  • Moreover, the course is packed with practical exercises which are based on real-life examples. So not only will you learn the theory, but you will also get some hands-on practice building your own models.
  • This course also includes both Python and R code templates which you can download and use on your own projects.

  • Anyone interested in Machine Learning. Students who have at least high school knowledge in math and who want to start learning Machine Learning.
  • Any people who are not that comfortable with coding but who are interested in Machine Learning and want to apply it easily on datasets.
  • Any students in college who want to start a career in Data Science.
  • Any data analysts who want to level up in Machine Learning.
  • Any people who want to create added value to their business by using powerful Machine Learning tools.
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