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Course Objectives:

  • This course is designed for professionals who want to Learn data visualization through Tableau 10 and create opportunities for you or key decision makers to discover data patterns such as customer purchase behavior, sales trends, or production bottlenecks.
  • This course assists you with easy and interesting data visulization tools and techiques to draw analytics quicker with efficient business intelligence and generate helpful business insights,so learning tableau makes better career opportunities and swift career growth.
  • This course explains you all of the features in Tableau that allow you to explore, experiment with, fix, prepare, and present data easily, quickly, and beautifully. Each section provides a new data set and exercises that will challenge you so you can learn by immediately applying what you're learning.
  • Course Highlights:

  • Introduces you to the foundation Principle of data visulization in Tableau and Explains in detail how to use the dashboard
  • Focuses on Adding value to analysis and making data more meaningful and Includes best industry practices
  • Connects Tableau to a Variety of Datasets and Analyze, Blend, Join, and Calculate Data also Visualize Data in the Form of Various Charts, Plots, and Maps and then Convert Raw Data Into Compelling Data Visualizations Using Tableau 10
  • This course begins with Tableau basics. You will navigate the software, connect it to a data file, and export a worksheet, so even beginners will feel completely at ease and then find trends in your data and make accurate forecasts, you'll learn how to work with data extracts and timeseries.
    This course explains you visualizing data, and how to create various charts, maps, scatterplots, and interactive dashboards for each of your projects.
    Finally, you'll cover the latest and most advanced features of data preparation in Tableau 10, where you will create table calculations, treemap charts, and storylines.
  • Who should attend?

  • Graduates and Working Professionals who are aspiring to make a career in Data Scientist
  • Business and Data Analysts who want to sharpen their analytical skills
  • Department Heads and other senior managers who want to use the analytics output to improve their decision making
  • Marketing Managers seeking to reach intended audience through better analytics
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